Thriving every Summer, Walloon Lake is seeing an influx of new developments, new businesses, and new visitors.

Walloon Central Marine services new and old boats alike –  here an owner has their Chris Craft boat in for service.

With it’s central location along 131 North and M-75, Walloon Lake is just 10 miles from Petoskey and Boyne City, the lake itself eaching 5 townships and 2 counties. This makes it not only a key location businesses and economic activity, but a flourishing recreational hotspot for locals and tourists. With robust outdoor recreation and natural beauty, Walloon Lake has strong historical roots and a storied past, but it’s also growing and developing with a major upswing in recent years.

“One of the reasons we bought this business was because of the location,” says Scot Graden, Owner of Walloon Central Marine, “We’re here, I’m here, because of 131.” After purchasing the business in January of 2021, Walloon Central Marine is performing strong, just wrapping up it’s new owner. Scot also mentions that workforce development and seeking young talent was instrumental as well. “We recently hired one of the first graduates from the Marine Technical School in the Upper Peninsula,” referring to a new program offered by Great Lakes Boat Building School.  


“You can do small business in this region and it has a community feel, even though it’s a large area.” Scot adds, referring to the fact that even though Walloon Central Marine services customers near and far, being based in Walloon Lake is a big advantage, especially for a marine business.”

In business since 1987 and now with new ownership and management in early 2021, more information about Walloon Central Marine can be found here.

Walloon Central Marine services new and old boats alike –  here an owner has their Chris Craft boat in for service.

50 Mile Market is one of the new retail businesses taking residence in Walloon Lake – opening its doors on July 1st, 2022. Described as a boutique featuring local food, arts, gifts, and specialty items, the new store is an eye-catching addition, featuring something new, but already connected to the community, by working with local vendors. Keep up with 50 Mile Market on their Facebook page.

Walloon Lake has seen a marked turn around business development and community investment in the last 10 years, thanks to the focused efforts of community members, business owners, and one developer in particular, Jonathan Borisch, who envisioned something different for the small community. Going on to establish Hotel Walloon and Barrel Back Restaurant, the pieces fell into place for what would come next. The full story about Walloon Lake’s rejuvenation can be found here. Suffice to say, after these major changes visitors swarm to the area every Summer. But there’s also a focus on drawing tourists in the Winter with snowmobiling opportunities and connected trails as well.


Found at 4128 N M75, a new development seeking out other new businesses or professionals to rent out space.

The eclectic store sources a wide range of products from local vendors.

Opening its doors in late 2021, Junction Bar & Grill is a hometown pub offering great eats and lots of personality. Not taking long to get high online ratings, owner John P. told us “Within a 60-mile radius, we are flooded…We’ve been open for less than a year, and we’re pulling unreal numbers.”

Bringing in locals, out of towners, and everyone else in between, Walloon Junction Bar & Grill offers something for everybody, and owner John P. explained “Everything we’ve been doing has been greatly received,” continuing, “It’s such a tight knight community – the people doing business here are doing it to help the town prosper.”

With an eye on offering more in the future, whether it’s events or drawing more visitors, the restaurant is a recent success Whether you’re grabbing a junction burger or an order of wings and a craft brew, the restaurant is one with something for everyone – keep up with their offerings on their Facebook page here.

Live music, events, and hand-crafted food make Junction Bar & Grill a favorite for locals and visitors alike.

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