Step back in time with the Fife Lake Historic Walk sponsored by the Fife Lake Area Historical Society!
27 display plaques throughout the town depict businesses, homes, and historic sites as they were during the last quarter of the 19th century and the first quarter of the 20th century. Each plaque includes a historic photo and brief write-up explaining the wonderful authentic nature of Fife Lake. A brochure of the Historic Walk containing a map can be downloaded HERE.
All photographs featured on the Fife Lake Historic Walk were taken during the last quarter of the 19th century and the first quarter of the 20th century. Such a rich photographic collection, including many candid style shots, makes Fife Lake a very unique historical village.
Many of the photos currently on display, were taken by Mr. Willis Brower. Mr. Brower enjoyed photography and tried to document much of the activity around Fife Lake. Between 1890 and 1920, Mr. Brower built up a collection of about 500 photographs, depicting life in the village and surrounding woods and farms. His collection is particularly unique due to the candid nature of many of his photos.
While photographic reporting was just being developed, and when most photographers were doing only formal posed portraits, Mr. Brower used a revolutionary news reporter style. After Mr. Brower’s passing, Nina Brower kept her father’s large photographic collection intact and eventually gave it to a Fife Lake Museum Curator in 1967.
Mr. Brower’s collection, and photos from other photographers at the turn of the century, depict life in Fife Lake during the early lumbering and ice harvesting years. These beautiful photos provide a window into the past and reveal Fife Lake’s rich history!

Historical Marker Locations

Fife Lake Historic Walk
1. One-Room Schoolhouse (Welcome Center) 10. Logging and Saw Mills – 1880 19. Fife Lake Citizens State Bank – 1906
2. LaBar House – 1910 11. Hardware – 1890’s 20. Hutching’s Store – 1900
3. Firebarn – 1884 12. The Sugar Bowl 21. The Livery & Feed Sale Stable
4. Street Scene in Fife Lake 13. Brower Building – 1890’s 22. The Independent Order of Odd Fellows
5. Voice Bros. Auto Sales – 1920 14. Bandstands – 1880 & 1920 23. Doherty House
6. City Hotel – 1894 15. Willis Brower’s Mortuary 24. Hodges House – 1900
7. Early Village Merchants 16. Brower House 25. Church / Community Building / Museum
8. Grand Rapids & Indiana Railroad Depot 17. Louis Morris – 1900 26. Bosse’s Service Station – 1920
9. Ice Plant – 1890 18. Dent Blue Meat Market – 1905 27. Schools 1886-Present

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